Monday, March 08, 2010

Give a Shamrock Garden for St. Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick's Day why not share a piece of Ireland with family and friends.

This Shamrock Kit won't guarantee a Lucky 4 Leaf clover, but it does make a cool gift for kids, moms, sisters, the Irish and those with a green thumb.

I could see my friends teaching their kids, Jack and Lorelei, about Ireland, St. Patrick's Day and shamrocks. While they may not remember much about Ireland, but I know they would enjoy planting the seeds and watching the Shamrocks grow.

The Shamrock Garden is a good bet for:
Irish families, kids and people good with plants.
And is a good gift for the following occasions:
St. Patrick's Day, Housewarmings, Thank You gift and a humorous Retirement gift (Now they will have something to do - grow a plant!)

Pass on this Irish gift for:
Single guys and Dad's unless they have a green thumb, otherwise it will be like throwing money away. We have some better Irish gifts for them.

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