Thursday, March 11, 2010

Play Garden is Fun Gift for Toddlers over 18 months

How Does Your Garden Grow is a cute and clever indoor garden that kids will play with over and over again.

And no matter what the temperature is outside, they can be gardening inside. How Does Your Garden Grow comes with 11 magnetic shapes - abstract vegetables, bugs and more can be stacked or moved around to create a unique garden.

This play garden is cute and will provide them with hours and hours of creative play.

Reviews noted:
- It is a well made toy
- Great toy, different from all the rest
- It's very cute and a GREAT learning activity
- It was smaller than I expected
- A great gift for kids to learn to share and play with others.
- A bit overpriced

The reviews general thought How Does Your Garden Grow was a well made toy that sparked learning and creativity. However it was smaller that expected and maybe overpriced.

The value of a toy or anything often lies in whether a gift gets used and how the child benefits from playing with the toy. I featured this toy because I thought it featured something unique and I know how much kids enjoy gardens, but the final decision is yours.

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