Monday, March 22, 2010

Sleep Sheep a Baby Shower Gift One Mother Called Priceless

Baby Shower often showcase the promise of a happy baby and a new mom in a cozy embrace.

However once the new bundle of joy arrives, life can sometimes be an endless task of trying to get the baby to sleep and helping the new mom get some sleep as well.

Swaddling has been proven to help many baby's feel safe and send them off to sleep, however it doesn't work for all and gradually wears off.

Another item the Sleep Sheep also helps babies sleep, well at least we can assume that from all the positive reviews. And with so many positive reviews, it is one of our favorite Baby Shower Gifts!

We review a lot of baby shower gifts and this one continues to receive positive feedback like this:
- The best sleep aid product that I've bought.
- I love that you can attach this to a crib
- I have found the Sleep Sheep to be priceless
- This super soft sheep drowns out the background noise and since it has volume control I can turn it up as the neighbors get louder

Other comments for the Sleep Sheep
- We found the whale sound to be scary, but enjoy the other sounds
- Doesn't stay on long enough, the longest setting is 45 minutes

If you have a baby shower coming up, then the Sleep Sheep might make a good baby shower gift and if you are still not sure then check out more baby shower gift ideas at Gift Idea Center.

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