Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - Best Green Gifts #4 - Recycled Gifts

By recycled gifts we don't mean that you take a gift you don't like and give it to someone else. Ok, why that is a good idea, we mean gifts made from or created by recycled products.

Often many usable items end up in a landfill when they can be donated to charity, recycled and turned into art, clothing or jewelry. We have pulled together a variety of recycled gifts that may inspire you to think differently about what you throw away in the trash.

Here are of our favorites - View Green Gifts here
- Blue Recycled Glass Charm Necklace
This necklace looks great and will add a pop to any special evening

- Recycled Ski Wine Rack
Crafty and a conversation piece for skiers!

- Recycled Newspaper Handbag
I am not sure how they do this but what a great way to turn paper into something you'll want to show off

- Used Chopstick Soap Dish
I started thinking about how many chopsticks are used daily and there must be a lot more uses for chopsticks out there rather than throwing them in the trash.

- Recycled Wine Bottle Platters
The perfect accent for your next wine and cheese party. The platter is made from wine bottles we love it.

- Flip Flop Mats
Extra scraps from making flip flops are turned into doormats rather than being sent to a landfill.

- Records Turned into Bowls
I thought this was very cool, old records get a second life as a trendy accent piece.

- License Plate Mailbox
Funky, cool and unique the license plate mailbox turns something that is old into something new again.

All these gifts and more are featured on our Green Gifts page at Gift Idea Center. Check out over 50 of our favorite eco-friendly gifts now.

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