Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Week - Best Green Gifts #3 - Water Filters & Bottles

Plastic water bottles they are everywhere; the office, the gym, the park, the house and sometimes in your car, but do we really need them?

In some cases fresh clean bottle water is the only option after a natural disaster and when you are traveling, but do you need them in house, gym or office.

When you consider:
- Bottle water may not be better than tap water
- The carbon footprint of transporting water
- The cost of 1 bottle can run $1 - $2
- Unrecycled bottles can last up to 500 years or longer
- 50 Billion! Yes 50 billion water bottles are used in the US alone
- That is over 160 bottles per year per person!

With that said, Why wouldn't you take steps to save money, improve the environment and drink water that might even taste better than bottled water?

So what water gifts can make you more green?
Water filters and pitchers from Brita and PUR are a great way to start. They help improve your water and make it taste better for pennies per use rather than dollars per bottle. Plus you can purchase a faucet, sink or pitcher filter to match your lifestyle.

If you use a lot of water bottles at the gym, office or when you are on the go then consider getting a set stainless steel water bottles or BPA free water bottle. We prefer the stainless steel for three reasons 1. It's not a hard plastic that might later be in a landfill 2. Metal does get recycled and 3. Stainless steel can take more abuse and falls and still work properly. By using these water bottles your help yourself save money and the environment.

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