Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Week - Best Green Gifts #2 - Reusable Totes

Best Green Gifts #2 - Reusable Totes - America it's time to bring your own bag!

In Europe reusable totes, shopping and grocery bags are very common, in the United States however they are slowing being adopted by consumer which is a good thing.

We must admit that plastic bags are great for the odd shaped items and convenience.

However when you realize:
- Plastic bags are made of oil
- Plastic bags litter our streets and clog drains
- Plastic bags ruin animal habitats and the earth's water
- And these bags take 10 - 20 years or more to break down
- Plus when the do break down it is a danger to the water supply

A better solution is a Reusable Shopping Tote or Grocery Bag.

We recommend you use one for clothes shopping and another for grocery shopping. This way you won't get new clothes dirty with stains from fresh vegetables or fruits.

In many cases you can find reusable totes at the store, but if you want a personalized one or a unique style we have them on our Green Gifts page.

While sometimes it is hard to always carry a tote around remember you can always say "I don't need a bag" and remember to always recycle your existing plastic bags.

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