Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Week - Best Green Gifts #1 - Bicycles

This is part of a series of our favorite Green Gifts. While we know that there are many eco-friendly products and items that help the environment we wanted to feature our favorites and how they made our list.

Gift Idea Center's favorite green gift - The Bicycle

Bicycles shouldn't just be for kids, they should be considered as part of your personal transportation.

Bicycles have a low cost, emit zero emissions, don't need a charge and it improves your health!

Plus when you consider that many trips taken in a car are less than 3 miles, taking a bike to the gym, post office, bank or corner store save a ton of wear and tear on your car.

So if you want to reduce fuel usage, improve the air quality, get healthier and set a good example for your kids - Get a bicycle!

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