Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Week - Best Green Gifts #5 - Energy Savers

If you are reading this blog you use energy. Lights, tv's, ac / heating units all take energy to run, but some changes can impact how much you use and over time save you money.

Last year I finally broke down and got a new AC/Heating unit for my house, while I was proud that the old one had lasted longer than any of my neighbors I didn't realize what it was costing me.

Well I was shocked when my summer electric bills dropped 40 - 50% and my house was more comfortable after the change. While you might not be able to replace your ac unit, consider these Energy Savers that can save you money.

Heating and Cooling = 40 - 45% of the Average Electric Bill
Programmable Thermostat
Save money by programming your thermostat to let your home be warmer during the day and turn on just before you get home from work. The fact is why should you pay to keep the house cold when you are now home.

Programmable Vents
These smart vents are open when you need them and closed when you don't. So when the kids head off to school or camp close the vents to their rooms and force the air into areas of the house where it is needed most.

Water Heating = 12% of the Average Electric Bill
Properly insulated your water heater and set the water heater to 120 - 125 degrees for home use.

Lighting = 11% of the Average Electric Bill
Energy Saving Light Bulbs / LED's
Standard light bulbs waste a lot of energy and new Smart Bulbs and LED Lights last longer and save money. If you use dimmers on your lights make sure you get energy bulbs made for dimmers.

Computers & Electronics = 9% of the Average Electric Bill
One way to reduce this cost is to always turn off tv's and computers while not in use, unplug chargers when they are not charging, buy energy efficient tv's, monitors and accessories. Plus take advantage of Smart Surge Protectors

Other Household Appliances make up 9% of the electric bill and the Refrigerator tends to make up 8% of your electric bill. However replacing these are a little more expensive than light bulbs or thermostats. We recommend that when you are ready to purchase your next home appliance you consider your needs and buying one that reduces your carbon footprint.

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