Monday, May 03, 2010

5 Tech Gifts Mom Will Really Love

So your Mom is not into flowers, candy or jewelry and your wondering what do I get Mom.

Well I have 5 tech gifts that Mom's will love.
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1. Digital Photo Frame
Digital photo frames are great you use your digital camera and take the pictures and then just add the memory card to the frame and view the photos.
Why this is so great - If your Mom is afraid of technology then you can send her a memory card for the frame. Plus why not include one already loading in the frame!

2. Digital Camera
Again, these get smaller, easier and better every year, so make sure she has an easy to camera that goes with her wherever Mom goes. That way she never miss a chance to make a memory.

3. Roomba Vacuum
Give Mom extra time in her day, by giving her a vacuum that works when she is not there. A great idea so she gets a little more time to relax.

4. iPod Nano
If your Mom enjoys running, the gym or just music in general, an iPod gives her a chance to take her favorite music, photos and video with her. And most likely you have your iPod so why shouldn't she have hers.

5. GPS Navigation System
If Mom is the team bus driver, gets frustrated when Dad gets lost or seeks out lots of new adventures then a GPS Navigation system might provide her with the comfort and security that she knows where she is going.

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