Monday, May 03, 2010

Photo Tote Bag - A Favorite from Our Mother's Day Gift Showcase

Some gifts just look like instant hits!

Photo totes are a great Mother's Day gift and thee two are some of our favorites.
Embroidered Photo Tote Bag
Beautifully crafted and stitched black microfiber bag features four 4" x 6" photo displays, ready for you to insert your favorite snapshots. What we love is that this Mother's Day gift can change with the season's and as the kids grow, plus it is a great conversation piece too!

Embroidered Quilted Photo Tote
This Tote features one main photo and is great for heading to the soccer match, grocery store, the pool or the beach. Beautifully crafted, stitched lime green quilt bag features an attractive pink, ivory and lime green stripe ruffle top with same strip lining inside.

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