Monday, May 03, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts - Gifts That Giving Mom a Hand or Hands

Mom does a lot of work around the house laundry, cleaning, cooking and manages the family schedule, so its time to give mom a hands on gift.

Helping Hand Gifts
Pitch in, help out and do this starting Sunday or even Saturday, clean your room, ask Mom how laundry is done so you can do it to, wash the dishes, cook her breakfast, make her lunch, take the trash out, dust, vacuum, etc... You get the idea! It's time to step up your game and lend Mom a hand all the time.

Wax On, Wax Off
Mom's tend to look at cars as transportation rather than a statement piece, so she is more likely to spend money on you rather car washes and extras. Well, you can wash and wax the car, clean the inside, dress up the tires, check tire pressure and even get the oil changed for her, if needed.
Detailing a car can take a while to do, but Mom is worth it.

Handy Around the Home Ideas
If you have the skills repair that leaking faucet, light switch that is broken or help her build that piece of furniture that is still in the box.

Other Gifts You may want to get your Hands On
Family Handprint Frame
All hands on deck for this fun handprint frame that you make at home, composed at home with a rainbow of handprints and signatures (and maybe a pawprint too), plus a favorite 4" x 6" photo. The set includes a beveled white mat, paintbrush, six nontoxic tempera paints and an espresso-finished wood frame for a gallery-worthy display.

Handprint Canvas Kit
Each child or each family member can add to this unique wall art. Four colorful canvases await handprints, footprints and parent-child collaborations.

More Hands on Mother's Day Gift Ideas
- Go to a paint your own pottery store and get a large mug and then have the kids place hand prints on the mugs. Then add the year and name of each child.
- At the craft store pick up a t-shirt and fabric paints of fun colors then make Mom a unique t-shirt using handprints, footprints and a personal message.

Assist Mom In Writing Her Story
Story of a LifeTime
This personalized story is a way for her to capture those moments in life, reflect and allows other to learn how they moved her. The story of a lifetime is a journal, diary and an heirloom to be shared.

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