Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gifts for Moms that Love a Good Book!

If your Mom's idea of a good afternoon or evening is a reading a good book, then we have some great book gift ideas for you.

If your Mom is looking for a rare or out of print book, then check out Alibris they have millions of second hand, out-of-print and rare books. Using Alibris is easy, it's like having your own private book store at your fingertips.

If you have a Modern Mom who loves a good book but doesn't have the space to keep a lot of books, then Kindle is her solution. With Kindle you can have access to over 500,000 books plus newspapers, magazines and more. Plus the Kindle is lightweight, reads like paper and stores 1,500 books. Check out Kindle today.

And if Mom is looking for a book to take to the beach, pool or backyard hammock, then check out the Best Seller List at Barnes & Noble. Check out their Mother's day selection, Oprah's Book Club, Romantic and Mystery Books that mom will love.

Plus there are always book and reading accessories too!
- Book Lights - over 100 to choose from
- Comfortable Reading Pillow
- Full Page Reading Magnifier

We hope this help you find the perfect gift for your Mom, however if you need more gift ideas here are more resources for: Mother's Day Gifts, Mother's Day Flowers

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