Sunday, May 02, 2010

Zibits Mini RC Robots - A Zhu Zhu Replacement?

Zhu Zhu pets were last years must have toy, but could Zibits be this years Zhu Zhu pets?

While Zhu Zhu's tended to target girls over boys, the Zibits lean more towards boys.

Lets learn more about Zibits Mini RC Robots

There are 12 Different Zibits
Race Them - Run 1 or more Zibits at a time
360 Turning Radius
Robot sound effects
Cost around $15

But Zhu Zhu pets still have an edge, as Zhu Zhu pets created the pets and a world for them to play in. Zhu Zhu has cars, homes, hamster wheels and more for them to play in. Plus kids relate to pets.

From what we see Zibits Mini RC Robots look like fun and can be success, but most likely won't be as popular as Zhu Zhu's which is a good thing for parents looking to spend $15 on a fun toy.

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